Fly your flags high

2nd November, 2020
An update for 2020 from the team behind Fly the Flag

For many, 2020 has been a year of survival. Plunged into circumstances beyond our control, for some this has meant basic human rights at risk. Food banks have become an essential, life-saving service, coordinated and funded by neighbours and communities. Jobs have become unstable and redundancies common, causing financial uncertainty. Safe homes and access to healthcare have become even more vital.

Fly The Flag is led by a wide collective of arts organisations and human rights charities charities, and for all of us, this has been a difficult year. Cancelled plans, financial losses, staff on furlough . Despite all this, it feels clear that the human rights flag, created by the inspirational Ai Weiwei in 2018, has to fly this year .

This year Fly The Flag focuses on Article 25 which articulates the basic right we all have to food, shelter, healthcare, social services and security. You can read more about our shared plans for Human Rights Day on 10 December here.

Whilst we have been quiet, Fly The Flag continues and we hope that you will join us in knowing your rights, protecting your rights, and flying the flag for human rights.