The Universal Declaration

Human Rights are for everyone, every day. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was created in 1948 in response to the global atrocities of war in the first half of the 20th century. It was a milestone document, drafted by representatives from all parts of the world.

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“Can you name your human rights? Most of us were never taught them. We don’t know that each of us – every moment of every day – is invisibly protected by them.”
Ai Weiwei

Human Rights: More needed than ever before, but under severe threat

As the world changes at break-neck pace, the need for our hard-won, anchored system of legal protections for human rights is more vital than ever, yet that system is under severe threat at home and abroad. We are living through turbulent times. Political instability, economic inequality, social change and technological revolution create new challenges and uncertainties.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 70 years old today, offers people a beacon of hope in these uncertain times.

The Declaration was created by women and men who witnessed first-hand the horror and inhumanity of the Second World War and were determined that it should never be repeated. And today, through the UK Human Rights Act, this powerful idea protects the rights of everyone in this country.

Human rights are more than just a catchphrase. They inspire and empower. Inspire a vision of a world free from abuse and cruelty. Empower by protecting us from state abuse and curbing the reach of society’s most powerful, so that a minimum standard of safety and dignity is guaranteed to every human being.

In these difficult and unsettling times, universal human rights have never been more important.

Joint Statement from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Liberty


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