4th December, 2020
Celebrating 2019’s Campaign in anticipation of 2020’s Campaign Launch

Over the course of the past week, we shared some of the most iconic moments of Fly The Flag 2019 on our social media platforms (@we_flytheflag), including the beautiful work done by schools (e.g. Ysgol Greenhill School) and arts organisations (e.g. Half Moon Youth Theatre and Graeae Theatre Company) across the country. We have listened to young people sharing their thoughts on the importance of Human Rights, we have watched many Flying the Flag, and many more creating their own flags.

Since first launching in 2018, Fly The Flag has inspired and brought people of all ages together to celebrate and recognise Human Rights and Human Rights Day. We rejoiced in each other’s contributions and together raised awareness of the importance of understanding, protecting, and living in our Human Rights worldwide.

The reality of 2020 in the UK and globally has bought the need to protect our human rights to the forefront, as we focus on Article 25 and the most basic rights to food, shelter, healthcare and security. With less than a week to go to 2020’s launch and to Human Rights Day on the 10th of December, we are truly looking forward to sharing our collection of poetry –  made possible by the contributions of UK Arts Organisations and poets –  as we come together to remember Article 25 and its importance to this day.